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EMS has engineering, engine test, electronic development, and low-volume electronic production facilities in Boerne, TX.  EMS is located approximately 40 minutes from the San Antonio International Airport via Interstate 10.  EMS facilities include:

  • Ten fully instrumented engine dyno test stands with dynamometers ranging from less than 50 hp to more than 750 hp

  • Transient capable engine test cells with up to 600 hp absorbing and 200 hp motoring capability with full dilution tunnels and PM sampling

  • Raw and dilute emissions measurement capability, (continuous and bag sampling)

  • CNG compressor and storage

  • LPG storage

  • Above gound diesel and gasoline storage

  • Gas chromatograph for fuel composition analysis

  • Gas chromatograph for NMHC, CH4 analysis

  • FTIR for continuous and bag sampling 

  • Electronics fabrication 

  • Electronics production assembly and test

  • On-site client office space available




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