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EZPro Production-Intent Control System

The EZPro platform has been designed for off-engine mounting for motorcycle as well as automotive applications. 

The EZPro is a compact, rugged ECU design targeted for complete engine management of 1 to 6 cylinder engines.  Based on customer requirements, however, this controller platform can be configured for a variety of applications.  The controller utilizes a Infineon C167 microcontroller.  



Our EZPro control system platform provides the following functionality:
  • 4 logic level engine synchronous, PWM, or digital outputs

  • 8 low-side driver outputs (compatible with gasoline-type fuel injectors, relays, proportional valves, and other actuators)  
  • 2 wide range oxygen sensor interfaces.
  •  2 speed/frequency inputs (variable reluctance or Hall Effect)
  • Up to 21 analog inputs.
  •  Knock sensor input.
  •  CAN and RS-232 datalinks
  •  256K Flash Memory and 64K SRAM for Program and Data Storage  




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