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Digital Dynamometer Drive (D3)

Our D3 product was developed out of an in-house need to enhance the response and control capability of the eddy-current dynamometers used in our own engine test cells. When used in conjunction with our own test cell control system, the D3 module has been used to greatly enhance the transient control capability of a standard dry-gap eddy-current dynamometer to the point that we were able to run engines through the highly dynamic LSI transient cycle and comfortably meet all cycle statistical requirements using only an eddy current dynamometer. To date, we have logged more than 50,000 hours with our in-house units.  Please inquire if you have an application where available dyno controllers are less than adequate, we may be able to help.



The D3 provides the following functionality:
  • High bandwidth, digital control of dynamometer field coil current for eddy current dynamometers
  • Analog, PWM, or CAN interfaces from test cell controls
  • Built in safeties and diagnostic functionality




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