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Timing Signal Conditioner (TSC)

The TSC is a smart sensor device designed to provide an emissions compliance solution for existing locomotive engines equipped with electronic fuel injection controls. The TSC can alternatively be applied as a fuel saving device for applications where exhaust emissions are not critical.  TSC units are simple to install on the locomotive and are invisible to the locomotive engine control unit.  To date, our TSC units have successfully been applied to GE, EMD, and CAT powered locomotives.  Kits have been developed for all of these locomotive types.



Although currently being applied as a production solution for locomotive applications, the TSC could be applied to other engine applications in which an external means of injection and/or spark timing compensation is desired.

The TSC product has been designed and developed by EMS to hold up to the rigors of a locomotive application and TSC units have accumulated literally millions hours of problem-free operation to date.  Each TSC unit is assembled and extensively tested at EMS to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to the customer. 



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