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EMS offers a variety of engine and controls related development and testing services including:

Engine Development

  • Engine Performance and Emissions Development
  • Performance, Emissions, and Drivability Calibration Development
  • Advanced Engine Concept Development
  • Rapid Prototyping of Engine and Control System Concepts
  • Engine and Controls Simulation and Analysis

Control System Development

  • Control Algorithm Design, Development, Implementation, and Calibration
  • Engine Control System Development and Integration
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Test Cell Data Acquisition and Control

Engine/Emissions Testing

  • Emissions Certification Testing (for EPA, CARB and other entities)
  • Engine Performance and Emissions Testing
  • Steady-state (modal) Emissions Testing
  • Transient Emissions Testing (Per CFR Requirements)
  • Engine Mechanical Development Testing
  • Engine Oil Consumption Testing
  • Engine Subsystem and Component Testing


EMS offers its engineering, development, and engine testing services on a time and materials contract basis and in some cases on a fixed price contract basis.  Please Contact Us for a quotation.

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