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In addition to providing development and testing services to clients, EMS also offers several unique control-related products. 

  • Our EZDev Control System is designed for use on engine research, development, and field demonstration applications.  If you need a custom engine controller for your project, we can set up an EZDev controller to meet your technical, time, and cost requirements. 

  • Our EZPro Control System is a compact, rugged system targeted for total engine management of 1 to 6 cylinder engines.  Applications of this system span from the engine laboratory environment to field testing and even production applications.  While this system lacks some of the flexibility and I/O capacity of our EZDev control system, it is a considerably more compact and affordable control system platform.  One or both of our designs may be a fit for your application 

  • Our Timing Signal Conditioner (TSC) is a "smart" sensor device developed for locomotive applications to enable existing locomotives with electronically controlled injection to achieve emissions compliance without modification to the engine control unit.  The TSC is an extremely rugged production control module designed to handle the extremes of this harsh application.



  • Our Digital Dynamometer Drive (D3 is an intelligent, CAN capable, closed loop power drive module capable of high speed control of an eddy current dynamometer's field coil.


Whether your engine control needs call for high or low volumes, we can provide the right solution.  We are also ready to customize an application of our products for you.


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